Nicholas Gagliardi

Region: Pacific Coast

In the strictest sense, an artist’s job is straightforward. Artists have the ability to find and expose the truth/beauty of those things they see around them. It is the search for a deeper understanding of what is true that has led me to take a backwards approach to my work. Rather than try and strip away the falsities of everyday life in the hope of uncovering something substantially “real,” I have layered many overexposed depictions, cliché’s, and/or metaphors into all of my work. I use these numerous false images in the effort to make a clearer picture. My work is not an attempt to mislead the viewers into believing that what these works depict is true, but rather, that what the viewers themselves believe to be true can only be discovered by first ruling out what they know to be untrue. It is, in a sense, trying to put the proverbial “two wrongs don’t make a right” to the test.