Nathan Danilowicz

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Corvallis, OR

My practice makes an inquiry at the intersection of art and alchemy. It is an exploration of perception, sci-fi shamanism, and the way experience can be informed by abstraction. Visually, my work evokes an otherworldly dimension, while materially, that is, in terms of the paint and the surface, it represents our physiological experience of the world. The amalgam of these two dynamics—visual/otherworldly and material/physiological— is what the viewer encounters. The titles of my paintings are deconstructions and rearrangements of language. I consider this to be the linguistic equivalent of what is happening with their materiality and their optical effects. These three elements—the visual, the material, and language—are used to make something new, yet oddly familiar.

In my work, the cosmetic cover of reality has risen to the surface of the canvas, with no resolution offered: the paintings are antitranscendental and finite. In these psychic places and embodied movements, I explore the fractured psychologies that have arisen in the midst of our dystopian techno-isolation.