Nate Burbeck

Region: Midwest


City / State: Minneapolis, MN

 My paintings depict psychologically infused narratives where the familiar is imbued with a sense of sublime mystery. Figures inhabit a world suspended between dreams and reality, transfixed by surreal aberrations, ethereal elements, and transported states of mind. Visual components are allusive reflections drawn in part from my past of growing up in an insular religious group, living in a milieu of end times prophecies, unsettling otherwise quiet perceptions of banal Midwestern normalcy.

These mysterious undercurrents are reimagined on canvas and fused with other influences such as film, science fiction, magical realism, and sense of place to explore personal and universal feelings of isolation, longing, wonder, and loss in an attempt to find visual equivalents for inchoate feelings, atomized and diluted with the distance of time.