Narangkar Glover

Gallery Affiliations: Michael Rosenthal Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast

Sort of like Harry Potter, but not. Perhaps a little more like Lord of The Flies.

My narrative paintings depict my experiences growing up within a high-demand religious group and, consequently, a boarding school in India. I’m interested in early life experiences and how they fundamentally shape our realities and perspectives.

My work takes place through an introspective investigation of memories: places, events, temperatures, tex tures, incidents, and people. I re-invent the specifics on the picture plane and proceed to work out the less tangible emotions that are connected to them. The Shangri-La Girls School work recalls the ominous and pressure-driven atmosphere of the school and the community where the children had little to no autonomy or privacy.

What specific things I have experienced are exclusive, exquisite, and even acute. Yet through manner, gesture, and the materiality of paint I am able to discuss it and convey the palpable and universal corollary among us.