Naoe Suzuki

Region: Northeast


City / State: Waltham, MA

I create highly detailed, precise drawings and paintings in mineral pigment and graphite. My process usually involves with drawing the same images several times until I transfer them to the final paper, then painting them in mineral pigment (gansai or iwaenogu) in layers and rendering only the figures in graphite. Images of children are usually inspired by Renaissance paintings or other historical documents. I am interested in creating sparse and seemingly disjointed environments within the paper. I like negative space to speak as much as the images, so the space between images is very important to me. I am interested in circus environment/history, unusual anatomies, science/medicine, technology and fashion.

Splendor of Amazing Boys, Girls and Animals (2006-2008) series incorporates circus scenes, scientific remnants, fashion, animals, plants and children. To me, they are about isolation or strange sense of connectedness with the world around us. These images come together in an odd perspective and resist a traditional sense of narrative.