Myungwon Kim

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

demonstrate my interest in the physical act of capturing human experience, idea, time, thought, and emotion in expressive marks. This aspect combines with the idea of the personal, physical application of gestural marks and creates an intimate relationship between the medium and myself. I use my body as a tool, which makes the drawing process an immediate connection to the surrounding environment and reveals a physical experience on the surface. The sweep of big marks that are relatively my body size are evidence of the picture’s making, which develops a sense of intimacy, freedom, diversity, and energy.

The aesthetic content of the work evokes unconscious dialogues between the spiritual and natural forces. I try to create new forms of visual narrative structure with the goal of documenting and encapsulating various forms of physical and the spiritual, internal and external surroundings, as metaphors for human experience, and even the mysterious inward psychological states of the individual. The viewer is encouraged to go beyond what one sees and to focus on the feeling that is evoked by retracing the work.