Monica Mohnot

Region: West


City / State: Bee Cave, TX

 Through my artwork, I aim to create a visual language that communicates identity’s complex and fluid nature and the universal human experiences of otherness, movement, change, and growth. Combining, recontextualizing, and reconfiguring disparate materials is a way of making sense of the world around me and reconciling the multiple cultural spheres I inhabit as an Indian American woman. Having immigrated to the US twenty years ago, and as a mother, daughter, spouse, and spiritual being, my work reflects a desire to harmonize the diverse elements that make up my identity. As a result, I am constantly navigating both countries, my past and present, and seeking unity while trying to find personal clarity. By breathing new life into a complicated past by employing practices and materials associated with the domestic sphere, such as embroidery, weaving various fiber elements, and painting, my work is an ongoing exploration of my place in the world. I hope that viewers can connect with my work personally, finding their meaning and resonance within the overlapping arrangements of abstract forms and colors.