Molly Larkey

Region: Pacific Coast

My work deals with dynamic uncategorizability, incorporating aspects of drawing, writing, painting, sculpture, and architecture. Simple lines create diverse forms: a line becomes a shape, becomes sculpture, becomes a painting, becomes a symbol. This refusal to participate in any single recognizable symbolic system reflects our human condition, based in contradiction, as the work rejects the dichotomous and insists on fluidity of form and function.

The work also imagines a different basis for language, pointing to our failed dualistic vocabularies and how the structures of power that benefit from an either/or have routinely denied the neither/ both a space, a name, even a shape or form. It longs for a language that names the subjectobject, the masterslave, the femalemale, the richpoor, the livingdead, the blackwhite, the allnothing, the infinitelimited. This imagined language or alphabet can’t be implemented in the world as it exists, but it can be brought closer to our field of vision through art.