Molly Gunther

Region: Northeast

There is an uneasy relationship between humans and their ideas of the world that they live within. What is interesting is that we want to hold ourselves outside of the realm of "nature" and "wildness" despite the fact that we are its products. To me, it is all a life riot, a continual chain of war, birth, growth, dominion, death and more life. Simply stated, everything exchanges energy with everything and this is a great equalizer. It leads me to observe the similarities between varied life forms, cultural constructs, and environments. For instance, planned communities with cul de sacs and slowly winding roads look as roots do flowing underground, stretching toward nutrients and shrugging around obstacles. Corporations have growth strategies that are similar in many respects to the way that plants, animals, and bacteria multiply and conquer. The ideas/images that provide much of the support for these observations range from seed propagation and horticulture to animal management, architecture, color theory, economics, and urban planning.