Mira Hnatyshyn

Region: West

Website: http://www.mirahnatyshyn.com

City / State: San Antonio, TX

In my work, I seek to create a visual context for the tension between appearance and reality posed by the Kantian School. Reflecting my interest in patterns of socio-cultural development over time, I present narratives that draw from both history and contemporary events. In the juxtaposition, I seek to create a shared understanding of the metaphysics behind the images—a peek behind the curtains at our shared humanity.

My method rejects traditional definition, although it remains grounded in formal training. It mixes the classical aspects of painting with the visceral techniques of installation art. Fragments of information are woven throughout the work, which has broken away from its traditional frame. The canvas is nailed directly to the wall, or folded or pushed into the viewer’s physical space. Sculpted fabric pieces positioned at the foot of the canvas create a perimeter or path that encourages interaction. Found fabrics and other objects are laced into the surfaces, and my frequent use of brown quilting fabric is a visual homage to the tradition of telling stories through quilt making.