Mindy Bray

Gallery Affiliations: Rule Gallery

Region: West

Website: http://www.mindybray.com

City / State: Denver, CO

All visual experience is filtered, as the brain categorizes and creates patterns in order to attempt an understanding of what is being experienced. I am interested in creating visual fields that challenge this function, and leave the mind in a state of suspension between recognition and unrecognition. My subject matter is derived from photographs of the contemporary inhabited environment, and it is a record of my daily experience. I translate, reduce, and transform these images through a meticulous process that is descriptive of both the struggle to discover pattern and the acceptance of unintelligible complexity. The result is similar to the state of mind when listening to a complex and new piece of music: there is a constant attempt to organize, label, and understand, although this actually disrupts the continuity of the experience of listening. My paintings present both opportunities: they offer a field that can either be reconstructed and named, or can be accepted and felt.