Miles Debas

Region: Northeast

 The sculpture and painting that I produce is developed out of my drawing practice. I make sketches to record ideas as they arrive, and to tease out and develop that imagery. My drawings are fast and schematic—outlining an idea’s first form. I find that when a drawing is made in pursuit of a very specific vision, it can have a thrilling, charismatic urgency.

The lucid immediacy of the drawings is essential to my work, and I strive to preserve it. When an idea is fresh and unwrought, it can come out sideways or “not right.” That apparent wrongness indicates other directions the idea might want to move. The speed and directness of this method does not allow for an image to develop as it is drawn—instead it is caught as it passes.

The state of flux within the drawings proposes the possibility of alternative forms. The sculptural and painting work I derive from the drawings maintains that position by embracing the possibility of being more than one thing at a time.