Miko Veldkamp

Region: MFA Annual

Website: http://mikoveldkamp.com

City / State: New York, NY

 Through Jungian metaphors like shadows, reflections, projections, and windows into other worlds I dive into my own psychology and traumas, and visit personal narratives and family histories from Surinam, the Netherlands, and the US, as if in one magic realist place. The work raises questions about representation, belonging, and aspiration, as I look for where the edges of my identity are, as supposed to a fixed center which is absent, or at least ambiguous.

Painting largely wet on wet, and with light dry brushwork, I create a fogginess, a blur, in which things can recede and come forward into specificity and loss, while maintaining the visibility of the mark and the directness of painting. I combine literary narrative figuration with abstract gesture to question modernist value systems by means of highly staged scenes that complicate space, horizons, and perspective, and emphasize the artificiality and interdependence of our psyches and identities with our environment.