Mike Schreiber

Region: Northeast

Website: http://mikeschreiber.info/

City / State: Brooklyn, NY

My work is formed from fast, inarticulate drawing—similar to what children do for fun. I find that these drawings produce complicated ideas that wouldn’t surface otherwise. Over time, shapes and symbols start to reappear, and I can piece together a mythic universe where things begin to make sense to me. The paintings inspired by these drawings investigate the psychic space of fear, nightmares, and mortality. I transform what haunts me into personal emblems and family crests. These images can appear simple, even silly, at first read, but they are held together by a confessional tension. My other world is populated with shadowy figures that resemble weird fleur-de-lis glyphs and the curly-cue scripts in iron gates around Brooklyn. Vampires and domestic cats lurk behind spider webs, mice shiver in the dark, and alien hands make calls on outdated cell phones. I like it when the banal becomes supernatural.