Mihee Nahm

Region: West

Website: http://www.miheenahm.com

City / State: Grapevine, TX

I create oil paintings that depict everyday flora encountered on my daily walks. I began paying more attention to my surroundings around the time I started walking my dogs. The repetitive paths I walked forced me to look at what I had once neglected. I noticed the subtle differences among previously indistinguishable plants and I gradually focused more on what made them unique. I began photographing what captured my attention. These images are cropped, color-corrected, and/or composited to an altered image that communicates my attraction.

I enjoy the labor-intensive nature of the indirect painting method. With mimesis as the primary goal, I begin each painting with varied approaches, but what is consistent is that all of them are done in multiple layers. Layering allows a second chance. Rather than needing it to be perfect the first time, I approach the subject matter slowly and organically until my initial attraction appears on the canvas.