Mickael Broth

Gallery Affiliations: ADA Gallery

Region: South

A few facts:

I started drawing during a year of incarceration for graffiti, and sometimes have a really bad hand tremor, but when I focus on drawing it goes away. I skateboard almost every day and am constantly searching for places to pour renegade concrete for new skate spots. When I need to get my head straight, I will camp solo on an island in the middle of the James River in Richmond. I find myself magnetically attracted to abandoned buildings and freight trains. Good beer is my weakness, as is cheap beer. I donate to my local NPR station, but avoid listening to the news in order to prevent frustration-induced madness. I grew up in the suburbs outside of D.C. and my parents took me to museums and the theater regularly. My lovely wife and I have been together since our freshman year of high school. We have the best dog in the world and he shows up in my work fairly regularly. I usually listen to Elvis Radio on XM while driving.