Michelle Marcuse

Gallery Affiliations: LGTripp Gallery

Region: Northeast

Relying on imagery based on streams of fluids, vibrations, vortices, and elements that define changing forms, these paintings focus upon movement characterizing prototypical forms. I use these elements for their visual interest and dynamic interplay. The images are laminated into the work using a printing process and then painted upon in layers of encaustic and oil paint.

The beginning layers of wax are poured onto my substrates in order to unify them overall. I digitally record my images and alter them using Photoshop. They are laser printed onto a re-leasable surface such as household wax paper and then transferred by way of burnishing to the skin of the wax where they are registered together in their entirety. A range of scale as well as continually refining my process opens me up creatively by depriving me of the comforts of familiarity.

I was raised in South Africa. From the combination of mixed ethnicities together with the British and Dutch colonial impact and our distance from other continents grew an extraordinary sensorial mix which influenced me. Currently a resident of Philadelphia, I exhibit and teach workshops regionally and nationally.