Michelle Hagewood

Region: South

My process honors a combination of wandering and constructing, where drawing becomes a way to navigate the intersection of physical, theoretical, and imagined projections of the world. These projections might be the world that is to come, the world that has passed, or the world that is in a state of being formed. In exploring these formations, I refer to both organic and architecturally constructed growth, searching for the ideal, or catastrophic, results that might occur when they are combined. By using a combination of photography, drawing, and digital media I explore the relationships between virtual, natural, and built environments.

In this particular series of drawings, I collected and considered artifacts of urban infrastructure. Each is coded by the form that created it; national standard color codes (red=electricity, blue=water, orange=communication, etc.) are the filters through which they are observed. Through drawing, photography, animation, and digital rendering, they seek to reflect societal behavior and potential futures of the urban landscape.