Michela Martello

Region: Northeast

Website: https://www.michelamartello.com/

City / State: Brooklyn, NY

 Most of my work is connected with the idea of intimacy. For these images I had strong visions, some in my dreams and some while awake, sometimes inspired by an Eastern philosophical symbology that I re-elaborate and by an imagery from the Mediterranean basin that belongs to my culture of origin, often with a spiritual and decorative dimension. They are visions that come from within me, persist, push and push, until I find the appropriate support mostly made of vintage materials, ranging from Japanese textiles to US military canvases, linen, embroideries, papers, all sewn together, until the background plot is ready to act as a negative space for my subjects. I believe I need to talk about my profound intimacies without actually revealing them, or rather, what I would like to reveal with my paintings is the mystery of intimacy, in this case “exploiting” the universal energetic feminine channel that is part of each one of us regardless our gender.