Michael Villarreal

Region: West

Website: http://michaelvillarrealart.com/

City / State: Dale, TX

My work is realized through the objects that occupy my dreams and memories. The secondhand object was an important part of my upbringing. Household items and anything else that was a necessity to live comfortably was brought home by my father, who used to rummage in the storage units that were abandoned at the U-Haul where he works. I take materials that are common in the construction of houses, such as pink insulation foam, joint compound, and paint, and configure these materials on a wooden structure to give the work material integrity. The surface of the work mimics an industrial finish; saturated hues or smooth surfaces create a visceral response to objects such as a bunk bed or window blind. Quirky, bulbous shapes and an animated sensibility transform the narrative of an object, but visually keep its familiarity.