Michael Porten

Region: South

My work focuses to a large degree on the synchronizing of seemingly disparate content and contexts, such as rainbows, addiction, home, family, painting, theory, science, computers, and religion. These themes originate from discursive and dendritic research and converge to form an amalgamated self-portrait that is imbued with a statement.

These “Symbolic Paintings” were an exercise in using found content to generate meaning. The symbols are somewhat self-referential to the purpose of the work. The diamonds represent commodity, the drips represent paint, the waiting room symbol represents me working in solitude to communicate to the men and women symbols, which are everyone else, and so on. The overlapping concentric rounded rectangles represent “windows” of information. This is a nod to Peter Halley’s cell and conduits via an abstracted computer screen. As for what it is all supposed to mean…