Michael McCaffrey

Region: West

Website: http://michaelmccaffreystudio.com

Several years ago, I returned to the house where I grew up. Since then, I have been creating paintings, drawings, and, recently, collages of my 81-year-old father. In my painting as well as collaging process, I strive to balance perceived form with painterly invention. I oscillate between accurate visual representation and invented abstract forms. Shapes come together, forms materialize . . . then fall apart. I desire to create a layered accumulation of paint/paper and memories, a woven tapestry that reflects a holistic view of my subject. Often, I feel I fall short of my goal. However, I believe the record of my effort reverberates with its own psychological strength.

I hope to capture the truth of my father as he is now, because, as my father is fond of saying, “The truth is the truth changes.”