Michael Genovese

Gallery Affiliations: OHWOW

Region: Midwest

Michael Genovese's idiosyncratic art making, results, in part, from his dual fluency with both hand-lettering techniques and inner city vernacular. By incorporating methodologies and materials relevant from his background, rather than through traditional fine art vehicles, Genovese communicates an existential agenda with a socially conscience message. Although autodidactic, traditional sign painting, including those genre specific processes and materials, inform his multi-disciplinary practice.

By creating conceptual and visual connections through language and subject matter, which speak to industry, cultural intricacies, and the value of process, his work actualizes the intersection between art and life. Via collaborative and site-specific projects, public art, social sculpture, and studio work, Genovese is distinguishable through his characteristic text patterns, line work, and unorthodox use of materials.