Michael Dixon

Region: Midwest

Website: http://www.michaeldixonart.com

City / State: Albion, MI

My work converges imagery and content to explore my emotional journey living as a biracial, mixed race, and multicultural individual in America. The imagery I am creating visually symbolizes and synthesizes my emotional space, which is disjointed and uncomfortable. This emotional response stems from feeling out of place in a country that has a clear racial divide and is reinforced by not fitting into one racial box. The content of my work is mostly driven by personal narrative, addressing my insecurities, vulnerabilities, and obsessions. The essence of the work is about redefining the “black image” and complicating identity to be more inclusive of the “marginalized other.” This status as the “other” is comprised of people and realities that don’t fit easily into the black/white or any other binary system of thinking and labeling. My work addresses the question: How do I racially identify and why?