Mia Tarducci Henry

Region: Northeast

Website: http://www.miatarducci.com

City / State: Pittsburgh, PA

I work on multiple pieces simultaneously, without rushing to complete a specific one, in order to reveal them organically. I am not restricted to any one style: much of my work is abstract, but I readily apply Pop art references and text. I do not perceive artistic genres as unique languages, preferring to merge styles in one body of work or, in some cases, one piece. For me, the work is unified by ideas rather than visual similarities. I use figuration less than abstraction, but when I do, I create visuals that precisely express my intention in a way that abstraction obscures. This work is satirical and pointed to me at the moment I am painting it, and connected to the abstract pieces that I develop simultaneously. I see the abstract as the material’s emotional counterpart. As for scale, I like my work to envelop the viewer, since it expresses the emotionality of the creative process.