Melissa Oresky

Region: Midwest


City / State: Normal, IL

In my paintings and drawings, I work with found eidetic imagery, often related to the body’s interior workings and cognitive processes. Integrated within landscape-like spaces and volume-like constructions, such images act as debris, foliage, or as the simple matter of fields and objects. I regard my works as mental landscapes: as evidence of thinking and accumulations of thoughts. I look to discrete ideas of ecology, philosophy, science, and science fiction as models to construct works and bodies of work. Relationships between forces, between the very small and very large, and possibilities of new forms and inventions drive my work forward. Reflecting a synthetic or hybridizing set of tactics, my work is intended to (con)fuse categories of painterly and graphic, landscape and body, abstract and representational, flat and illusory, beautiful and ugly, intense and muted, etc. in order to achieve simultaneous tension and coherence.