Melissa Manfull

Gallery Affiliations: Taylor De Cordoba

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Los Angeles, CA

My works explore imaginary structures that exist within the limitless space of paper. I have always had a fascination with architecture, yet that fascination is more about the design of potential structures and their surroundings and less about the realization of the project in three dimensions. Part of my interest in designing structures lies in the ability to play with the boundaries of earth, such as gravity and atmosphere, much like the way science fiction explores different cultural scenarios removed from current realities. I am greatly influenced by organic phenomenon here on Earth, such as structures inherent in mineral growths, and the way they branch and spindle and form perfect cubes by just existing in the right atmosphere. I use these growth patterns to generate my drawings by hand, letting them replicate and form patterns on their own, while controlling the patterns to create architectural forms.