Melissa Furness

Gallery Affiliations: Plus Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Denver, CO

I am interested in the idea of travel, of our attraction to the unknown, the fragmentary, the imperfect, and the incomplete. There are roots and routes that can be drawn, documenting both our line of travel from place to place, but also from present to past existence. These lines move in patterns as we rise up and out of the landscape and back down again to become one with it. It is as though we are leaping ever towards some unknown, a progressive distancing from origin.

Today people may travel to an actual or virtual place, but our eyes and minds build this place into a fantasy realm as we imagine the unknown that we experience. We become a hybrid of ourselves and part of an artificial or imagined reality that we feel connected to. The ruin becomes a metaphor for this hybrid reality.

In my work, there is an overall sense of the internal fantasy melded with an external reality. The result is a view of invented histories, of fantastically completed fragments showing the connections and disconnections with a past that is not truly known.