Megan Stroech

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

I utilize fabric cutouts and collaged found materials to explore the dichotomies of realness and artificiality, image and object, and commonplace and luxury, referencing the subjects of domesticity, still life, and the body. Decorative prints of fruits, florals, and faux surfaces interact with large swaths of felt and other craft materials in arrangements that seem at once familiar and foreign to the viewer. I am interested in how the implied movement of these visual forms and the collapsing of space can function as an analogy to the idea of domestic space as a construction that is always in flux. The forms in the work are often abstracted images from home interior how-to books such as guides to houseplant care, DIY window coverings, and other traditionally feminine domestic pursuits. Through the insertion of elements of discovery and recognizable objects in the work, such as flowers, lamp shades or eyelashes, I invite the viewer to reference their own everyday experience, whether it is a connection to a specific material or a piece’s overall form.