Maysey Craddock

Gallery Affiliations: David Lusk Gallery, Nancy Margolis Gallery, Cris Worley Fine Arts

Region: South

My gouache-on-found-paper paintings are based on photographic explorations of the ephemeral landscape: places where water meets land, where fallen trees are swallowed by their reflection, where the horizon dissolves into sky. These sculptural, stitchedtogether surfaces, with their layers of painting and drawing, are like the palimpsests I seek in the landscape: the strata of meaning and experience in a specific place.

My work has always referenced borders and the in-between: liminal spaces that, fluctuating between here and there, being and becoming, offer another kind of reality. In recent work, I have turned toward the watery landscapes of coastal wetlands and marshes as a visual exploration of themes of impermanence, mortality, memory, and entropy.

These works offer a visual back and forth, a tidal ebb and flow revealing diminishing and precarious wild spaces as ever-shifting repositories for richness, fragility, and the inevitability of change.