Matthew Troy Mullins

Gallery Affiliations: Zane Bennett Contemporart Art

Region: West

My current paintings and drawings reflect my ongoing investigation of architectural spaces and how these spaces reflect the goals and desires of the people who built them. I am interested in the ways that the spaces we build become expressions of our certain time and place, and also how the artifacts we are collectively making will one day be our storytellers.

I am currently working on a series of large scale watercolor and gouache paintings, focusing attention on the themes of collecting, the creation of artifacts and our society‚s often futile attempts at preservation. I am interested in the ways that a group represents itself to itself, as well as to future generations, by curating certain objects that it chooses to keep as evidence of it‚s existence and of it‚s collective priorities.

I work from photographs that I take while visiting private or semi-private locations that are generally closed off to the public, with the hopes of sharing my own personal curiosity as to what happens in places we do not typically see.