Matthew Hosey

Region: Pacific Coast

My work is an experimentation of the painting process and an exploration of new means to create an image. I use nontraditional construction-based media and tools in order to create abstract images that evoke the ideas of construction and demolition within the urban landscape. By using these instruments and media, I arrived at a process in which I no longer paint my images but rather construct them.

My images are not necessarily a direct representation or replication of the urban landscape. Instead, I use the environment as a vehicle to inform my paintings and as a reference for structure and form. My observations of the city and its many areas of construction lead me to think about how and why things are made and unmade. The building and rebuilding that I observe in the environment is similar to the process of demolition and reconstruction that I use in my paintings. My use of imagery, materials, and process has developed my artwork such that it now balances on the border between image and objectness.