Matthew Choberka

Region: West


City / State: Ogden, UT

 To live in these times is in a lot of ways scary, and in all of my recent works I’m working to acknowledge that, and to overcome it. At times, in essence it feels like I’m making monsters. Maybe it’s a way of trying to “fight fire with fire.” My recent practice has coincided, surprisingly for me, with a return to figuration. I’m not sure just how to explain the relationship between the immateriality of the painted space and this desire to embody and come to terms with our physical and psychic predicaments. But it feels right. There’s a truth in there for me somewhere. My painting addresses the instability and complexity of the contemporary world. The images are autonomous, whole on their own terms (I hope), but interrelated in an ongoing argument with myself about the knowability of the other, and even of the self.