Matt Irie

Gallery Affiliations: EBERSMOORE

Region: Midwest


City / State: Palatine , IL

The drip paintings grew out of a collaborative piece I completed in San Antonio in which Dominick Talvacchio and I covered the walls of a gallery space with drips of paint, all appearing to drip up the walls. Shortly after completing that installation I began to experiment with how I could use this process to make paintings. I have always been interested in space. I am attracted to the type of space that can be created by moving in and out of the grid. I am also interested in how the work functions in space and how one’s experience can shift at different vantage points. As a result of the process and application of the paint to the panel, my intention is to slow the viewer down; first from afar with composition and, second, to draw one in where he or she can begin to grapple with the shift between illusion and physical reality.