Mary Laube

Gallery Affiliations: Circuit 12 Contemporary

Region: Midwest

Loss I am attentive to my sense of urgency in preserving memories while simultaneously acknowledging the impossibility of such an endeavor. Although my work suggests vacancy, artmaking gives me an opportunity to re-imagine the void through an uncanny and sometimes painful confrontation with my own recollections.

Artifice I am interested in the history of paint as a medium that produces illusion. Through the juxtaposition of iterations of artifice, my work addresses the awkward relationship between representation and reality. The worlds of play and betrayal intersect in the notion of a false impression.

Heteronomous Painting Echoing has become an important aspect of my work: particular characters, patterns, and gestures in the paintings recur on the architecture of the exhibition space. Recognizing the provocation of the frame’s edges, I can investigate the painting as an object that speaks to and from what is exterior to it.