Martina Nehrling

Gallery Affiliations: Zg Gallery

Region: Midwest


City / State: Chicago, IL

I am inspired by the cacophony of daily life, particularly the weight and the flimsiness of it at once. Compelled by the pulsation of the beautiful and horrific relentlessly clashing, I create compositions of accumulation. Grouped or tangled together, I frequently use multiple distinct brushstrokes for their graphic directness, and highly saturated chroma in order to heighten the effect of color’s imprecise language. I am utterly seduced by the formal complexity of color, while I revel in its emotive slipperiness and enjoy mining its controversial decorativeness. The inextricability of these aspects unique to color continually spurs my engagement. I listen to the spatial relationships and interrelation of color, combining both sonorous and percussive qualities, creating moments of concord and discord. I take pleasure in syncopation and visual rhyming. With color that refuses to be ignored in patterns akin to lists, tallies, sentences, or waves, my paintings operate for me as lyrical musing, lush celebration, high pitched lament, and delight in absurdity.