Markeith A. Woods

Region: MFA Annual

City / State: Fayetteville , AR

 My work is an inspired narrative of life where people demonstrate love, respect, compassion, agony, oppositions, confidence, and death. In my work, I explore the psychological state of living as a Black male in the United States, always in survival mode in a culture meant to create division and separation. Through observation, I aim to re-create my personal experiences by using symbols, words, images, emotions, and environments. When faced with life’s challenges and confronting pain, it drives out the imperfection we face, such as oppression, health disparities, societal problems, unemployment, and other issues.

I identify with the characters in my work, as their experiences and goals reflect a state of mind familiar to me. I am interested in my subjects’ subjectivity and think about creating a composition that captures their experience from their perspective. Part of the process is going into the community and taking pictures of individuals in their natural habitat. I aim to show the sitter looking off in a gaze and not at the viewer to develop a new authorship of existentialism.