Mark Flickinger

Gallery Affiliations: American Legacy Gallery, Strecker Neslon Gallery

Region: Midwest

My most recent work is centered on the idea of the iconic American vista and the way painting has become a way of understanding it. I am interested in the historical role of painting in the development of an American identity and sense of place. What is invention? What is mediation? What is uniquely American? What do I expect to see in these so-called sublime spaces? Why am I, like so many, drawn to them?

It is important for me to be in the landscape and to experience its light, weather, and changing nature. I prepare studies in situ, including oil sketches, drawings, watercolors, photographs, and journals. When possible, I collect rock and plant samples. On returning to the studio, I develop the finished paintings.

Ultimately, I love color, paint, texture, space, air, and light. I cannot separate my compulsion to paint from my need to be in these places.