Marius Lehene

Region: West

If landscape is a system of signs that allows the viewer to infer a certain location for himself relative to those signs, I am interested in a positioning that is fluid, always changing, while nevertheless prompted by external references. If, however, identity is a sort of image we paint of ourselves, I am interested in the (movie-like) fade moments when one image becomes an interference of multiple ones. Whether the frame of reference is physical/optical or the narrating self, these works approach its precariousness by layering images, allowing for a visual shifting of references. Memory, personal archives, and documentary photographs are sources for my imagery. Because layering encapsulates time and is ambiguous in its oscillation between revealing and obscuring, visual accumulation provokes perpetual reorientation. What happens on canvas becomes of interest to me only when it functions as a space without place revealing meaning when set in motion, flowing from one thing to another.