Marisa Stratton

Region: South


City / State: Arlington, VA

 I am a representational painter exploring the collective digital experience and its relationship to painting as documentation. How do we ascribe meaning to interactions and experiences that only exist on screens?

In my screen-sized oil paintings sourced from social media posts and web conferences, I transpose the digital into the physical while initiating deeper and more meaningful connections as a result. When I paint these seemingly inconsequential moments, I am interpreting them in the context of traditional oil painting as a medium of formal portraiture and historical documentation. I also explore ideas of public presentation, image consumption, and consent by manipulating the inherent voyeurism embedded within all modes of digital interaction.

With my work, I return to the idea of portrait painting as a necessary artifact of a relationship, conversation, or experience—with a firm awareness of the digital age. Painting is a way to tether me to the physical world and the people around me, even if that means redefining the ways I experience them.