Marisa Adesman

Region: MFA Annual

 I am interested in the fork as my protagonist—a time-traveling, genre-bending character grounded in the familiarity of the domestic. For me, the fork represents a sort of shamaness who has the ability to travel through time and space—bearing witness to the evolution and the folly of humankind. As a symbol of both nurture and control, the fork’s pliability questions the hierarchies of value that we have placed on the ideas of “civilized” and “uncivilized,” “domestic” and “wild.” The fork is sometimes bound or entangled, and sometimes free and liberated. In each work, I create tension between contrasting sensations: sensual yet horrifying, familiar yet surreal, alluring yet deceptive. These dichotomies serve as a metaphor for the paradoxes of human life, and especially the feminine experience. Drawing on the long lineage of feminist artists who have investigated the semiotic potential of food and dining, I aim to bring a critical self-awareness to these domestic spaces in order to appropriate, reclaim, and empower objects and symbols that have long been perceived as oppressive for women.