Mario Trejo

Gallery Affiliations: Bruno David Gallery, Roy Boyd Gallery, Harringer Kiss Gallery, Beta Pictoris Maus Contemporary Art, Koki Arts

Region: Midwest

I am fascinated with space, time and numbers. I draw black accumulations of quickly executed idiosyncratic circles, Forming abstract compositions. These repetitive, Meticulous and time-based works are all attempts to visualize epic numbers of macrocosmic and microcosmic entities. The amalgamations of hundreds of thousands of circles in varying densities begin to resemble pocket universes, each a relic of an arduous performance of repeated gestures.

The perfect circle is the greatest example of perfection and knowledge. The perversion of its flawless symmetrical form by hand represents my failed attempts to recreate perfection and my inability to grasp the ideal. The relentless repetition of these circles is my continuous attempt to comprehend cosmic phenomenon and the human condition. It is the desperate effort of an impotent being to understand unanswerable questions. The compulsive accumulations of these peculiar marks is a never-ending struggle with myself and my surroundings. At a distance, the works appear to be homogenous fields of order, but upon closer inspections, each expanse of black marks crumbles into a Promethean struggle, manic fields of chaos and uncertainty, an excellent metaphor for the imperium in which we reside.