Mariana Garibay Raeke

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

These works are part of an ongoing exploration of difference by means of repetition. Each piece begins with a single gesture of removal that is repeated to create negative space. Every mark is an attempt to reproduce the previous one. Inevitable variation occurs and the accumulation over time of these small differences produces an unforeseen field of depressions and mounds. These hollowed forms become molds that either yield a single cast, renouncing their potential for identical reproducibility, or undergo changes to produce a series of unique multiples. Like the marks that make the molds, the multiple works are a collection of distinct moments that build on each other and capture transformation. Each cast embodies a particular stage in a process of change that can be traced backward and forward in time.

My work with molds is an examination of variation and singularity through form and color that serves as a counterpoint to uniformity and mass production.