Margery Amdur

Region: Northeast

City / State: Philadelphia, PA

My latest body of work, Amass, crosses the boundary between sculpture and painting. It speaks many languages, and is as much about the tactile as it is about the visual. Geometrically shaped cosmetic sponges comprise sensuous otherworldly landscapes. I gather and arrange individual units saturated with soft pastel pigment. I then glue to canvas thousands of these small commercially manufactured pieces, which, though they appear to be rigid, actually yield to the touch of one’s hand.

Behind the veil of the everyday is an obsessive need to create. This new body of work, a fresh take on older concerns, maintains my commitment to simple building techniques and commonplace materials. I purposefully work low tech in a high-tech world. My work blurs the border between art and craft, and engages collage, assemblage, drawing, textiles, and public art. What knits it all together is that I am a painter using materials in a sculptural way, asking materials to become form and mass. My work is baroque— embellishment and detail collaborate to create extravagant and ornate surfaces.