Margaret Crowley

Region: Midwest


City / State: Chicago, IL

These paintings are concerned with ideas of the gigantic and the miniature, each of which contains a space. Painting the organization of my own personal belongings is a method for countering the containment of people through translation. The specific subject matter includes quotidian objects (what accumulates on tabletops in a home), the genre of still-life painting, and drapery.

The dinner-table conversation is a contrived and political space. This vernacular is the opposite of containment. It is decadence and free time. It is room service and the variety of things people have for breakfast all over the world. Like inherited memories or the ways in which we are civically indoctrinated, this collection of associations develops like a language you don’t remember learning.

Through 2D application I explore how a still life can function as a monument between painting, sculpture, and dreaming. The ripstop substrate material sharply contrasts with the plastic, colored paint and the ephemeral architecture of the finished works.