Marc Séguin

Gallery Affiliations: Mike Weiss Gallery

Region: Northeast

Painting has been part of history for thousands of years. It’s an ancient medium that has proven its potential and necessity. I paint with that in mind. I paint with the respect of traditions, but most importantly, with contemporary intentions; intelligent intentions that can have a social outreach, both aesthetically (we tend to forget) and editorially, with respect to eyes and mind.

I am fascinated by things that in theory should be opposed. The result is striking. Sometimes one plus one equals three. Figuration and abstraction are no longer enemies, but have teamed up to make up more.

Art is the highest form of spiritual intelligence. Against words and thoughts, it addresses another language. A language that stands time and crosses borders, especially when it stands as witness to the present. The first responsibility of the artist is to testify. It defines us.

I love when any contradiction becomes a spiritually meaningful emotion, a faithless prayer. The realistic rendering is made out of charcoal, oil paint and human ashes, using a chiaroscuro technique.