María de los Àngeles Rodríguez Jiménez

Region: South

My work currently focuses on a series of paintings and sculptures circling around materiality, form, and spirituality. They referentially pertain to bodies through their object nature, significance, and the manipulation of every material used. The painted objects can resemble the construction of the human body, human skin, and in certain cases, parts of the human figure. The symbolism of the colors is completely dependent on my relationship with Santería and spiritual animism. This causes the work to become more personal and emotional. This is revealed through a handwritten phrase on the wall, or a name that sometimes accompanies the work. The paintings in return bring into focus the architecture of the room, spaces that respond to how bodies navigate and create their mark within them. This highlights the performative nature of the paintings. The paintings continue to activate and become activated by the space. My goal is to create a space for the body that is beyond its immediate condition.