Maja Ruznic

Gallery Affiliations: Jack Fisher Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Roswell, NM

Unmasking the psychology behind familiar and often frightening experiences is a central impetus for my work. Through a personal and intimate scale, combined with my dedication to material and use of white space to frame the interior landscape of my characters’ dilemmas, I create a powerfully honest and raw aura of vulnerability. I am drawn to the unpredictable nature of ink and watercolor, and allow the medium to drive my subject matter. I let my paintings tell me how to make them. My process is an exchange between ink, watercolor, water, and my intuitive responses to these materials, as well as to the images of things that have happened that I hoard in my mind. In the end, I hope to achieve an image that celebrates the intimacy possible when people bare their traumas, whether large or small.