Mahari Chabwera

Region: South

Shapeshifters: bold, brave, and fearless beings able to change their physical form at will. Nonfictional and mythical figures who assume different forms, often, but not always, as acts of survival. Synonyms: Spirit, Love, La Mujer Salvaje, Black folk, Blackness, Womanness—particularly Black Womanness.

I am a powerful spirit that has taken on the physical body called
Mahari to learn what my soul needs to heal.
My intentions serve the energy of my soul.
My thoughts serve the energy of my soul.
My words serve the energy of my soul.
My actions serve the energy of my soul.
My practice serves the energy of my soul.
I sin in the service of waking up.
My body is the material expression of my soul.
I wanna shed my body and just be soul.
I know I am unlimited.

Race is not a problem.
Sexuality is not a problem.
Gender is not a problem
Class is not a problem.
Religion is not a problem.
Fear is not a problem.
They are catastrophes.
What do I think I'm doing?
I’m proving myself to Yah
and proving Yah to myself.