Madelyn Brodie

Region: South

City / State: Morgantown, WV

 My artwork examines the impermanence and fragility of the natural world and the objects within it. Using my own imagery, I create landscape paintings that capture a universally held notion of what an idyllic landscape is or should be. While I am interested in portraying an ideal space, it is also important that viewers can see that the place I am depicting does not exist in our world. In order to heighten this sense of a manufactured construction of place, I intentionally deconstruct and fracture elements of the landscape. A focus on patterning, color, and brushstroke make these distinctions clear.

Consideration of the environmental implications of landscapes and natural spaces in the twenty-first century is something that drives my work. I strive to document a universally held emotional experience in these personally significant yet fabricated places in order to provoke a desire to preserve them.